Late Life Lesbians: Our Stories

Here are the posts in this series:

  1. Making the Realization (part one): “How old were you when you first realized you had an attraction to women? What prompted that realization?”
  2. Making the Realization (part two):How did you react when you realized you weren’t 100% straight and tried to wrap your head around that?”
  3. Making the Realization (part three): “How did you “arrive” at your home on LGBTQ spectrum, and how do you label your sexuality, if at all?”
  4. Making the Realization (part four): “Once you realized your sexuality as you currently know it, did you “come out” right away? Why or why not?”
  5. Coming Out to Your Straight Spouse/Partner (part one): “How/when did you come out to your boyfriend/husband?How did he react?”
  6. Coming Out to Your Straight Spouse/Partner (part two): “How has your relationship with your husband/boyfriend changed or evolved since coming out to him?”
  7. Coming Out to Your Straight Spouse/Partner (part three): “What do you wish your current/former straight partner would or could understand about you being attracted to women?”
  8. Coming Out to Your Straight Spouse/Partner (part four): “How did you and/or your straight partner decide whether to stay together or split immediately in light of your attraction to women?”
  9. Staying with your Husband/Partner (part one): “If you chose to stay with your husband/partner after realizing you had a same sex attraction and telling him about it, why did you do so? How long did you stay together?”
  10. Staying  with your Husband/Partner (part two): “If you stayed in your straight marriage after realizing your sexuality, in what ways did your marriage/relationship to your husband change?”
  11. Staying  with your Husband/Partner (part three): “If you had a lesbian affair while you were still married to a man, how did that come about and how (if at all) did it end?”