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      1. Jennifer

        What is the best way to ask questions? I have a couple and while they may have been asked before it will take some time to go through all the information here.

  1. Garryharris

    Hi I have read every thing and need to say thank you
    It has helped me make sense of what has just happened to me over the last 3 weeks my wife of13 years has fallen for a woman we new fancied her for years but did nothing to encourage my wife then 6weeks ago my wife sed it was like a light switch turning on I was angry upset and confused I was loosing my wife and best friend we did every thing together we even had a very good sex life until about 8 weeks ago so yes it was a shock yes we new see looked at women in a similar way as I wood some times but not all ways
    So my wife is a lesbian so our relationship is now at an end there is nothing I can do about that she is now starting a new journey in life and I would like to be a part of that and remain her best friend so my question is can this happen ,we also have 5 children 2 from her first marriage and 3 of our own
    Yours Garry

    1. Hi, Garry: My only piece of advice to you is to get professional help (if you can) to help you and your wife sort everything out. A good therapist is worth their weight in gold! Sending all the best to both of you as you walk this new path.

  2. So while I’m not a late lifer I believe I met an amazing woman that is confiding in me because I am 41 years old and she is 60 and never told anyone about her lifelong feelings EVER until 2 nights ago. She spilled her heart to me and because of certain life experiences we shared, me at 16 and her after a few divorces, grown kids with their own families, and now a husband that doesn’t share a room together she told me that being gay has always been a thought of hers. Now she only shared this with me. I have had a relationship with the same woman for 20 years. I get it was easy to ask me questions but why do I now feel like I love her and maybe , because she has NEVER been with a woman, she is curious about me and am I the one she just wants to see if her feelings are correct. I just want to say “Jackie” just kiss me and we will see what happens? Someone talk to me lol. I’m really hurt and confused right now and need relief. I get that she needs to figure it out on her terms but I find myself flirting and hate myself for it.

  3. Dee

    Hi ,

    I was married for many years and have a 32 year old daughter . Coming out in my 50s was hard on my family who struggled to understand it .
    Tomjoin yoir Facebook group

  4. A. E.

    Hey, I’m not a late in life lesbian, I’m actually only 17 and I came out at 15 but I stumbled across this website and just wanted to say I think it’s really cool what you’re doing and I know I would really appreciate it if I was in that situation. And good luck to anyone who’s reading this! I’m proud of you!

  5. hunblelioness

    Good evening, finding this page has made me very happy. I thought I was alone 41 year old mum of 4 new ish lesbian 🌹 In much need of advice

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