Testimonials & Love Letters

We’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback on Coming Out Better so far! We’re so happy that people are already making great use of the membership – and there’s even more good stuff to come in the future!

We know that this model works because we have been helping women come out later in life since 2015. We’ve helped over 1500 women worldwide on their coming out journeys.

Here’s what one woman had to say about our support & guidance:

“From my first Google search in late summer 2016 to finding Andrea’s blog, and holding my breath after I sent my intro email to get into the support group. From being accepted and seeing that there were actually so many other women out there whose stories were similar to mine. From developing a deep and sustaining connection with the first real bestie of my life in the UK, to developing friendships with women in California, Arizona, Connecticut, Missouri, Ireland, the East Coast, the South, Africa, Holland, Australia, Canada. From divorcing a man to buying a home and furnishing it, to navigating the emotional upheaval of making a total life change that would deeply affect and influence the trajectory of 4 other lives besides my own. From falling in love with a woman for the first time and then losing that love. 

Through all of these things I had the wise and kind counsel of Andrea, Rachel and all of my new friends. I learned from the advice of others & from the support I gave. I loved sharing laughs and joy with hundreds of women who just got it. This support group has been my lifeline, and Andrea & Rachel’s leadership have kept it an affirming and supportive space like no other group I’ve ever been a part of. I would not be who I am without these women. I would not have found the courage without this group. I found happiness in these connections and I learned how big my heart could be once it was opened.”

-Stephanie M.

Sound good? Well it’s not too late to become a Founding Member! Just click to join us at Coming Out Better!

We’ll be closing the doors to Founding Members on Friday, June 28, so don’t miss out on the deep discounts, the stellar support, and all the fun.

See you on the inside!


Andrea & Rachel

P.S. If you have any questions about the membership, just send us an email to: latelifelesbian@gmail.com and let us know. We’re standing by to answer any questions you have!

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