Coming Out Better Membership Group has LAUNCHED! Join us!

We are SO EXCITED to announce that our Coming Out Better Membership group is live and open for business!

Already, we have women signing up as members, and we couldn’t be more excited to help them on their coming out journey.

If you are a woman questioning your sexuality, this group is for you. It is private & supportive.

If you are a woman who is just starting on the coming out path, this group is for you. We can help you know where to start, and will walk with you.

If you are stuck in the “messy middle,” and are overwhelmed, feeling alone, unsure of which way to go for resources, this group is for you. We will give you accountability to reach your goals, and targeted resources to help you.

If you are already out and looking for help navigating your journey, this group is for you. We will help you move further down the road on your path.

Take a look at our FAQs on the membership site to find out more about what this group will provide for you:

We’re happy to answer your questions!

The biggest thing to know about our Founding Member Launch is that it will only last until June 28. And the deepest discount is happening right now with the coupon code “LAUNCH”:

  • 34% off the monthly subscription price
  • 51% off the annual subscription price (17% regular discount + 34% LAUNCH discount)
  • These prices will never be this low again. After we close our doors on June 28, we won’t be opening them back up until the fall, and the price will go up then.

Now is the time! Invest in yourself. Invest in your journey. Invest in Coming Out Better!

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